Our Paediatrics team includes paediatricians and paediatric nurses dedicated to providing the highest quality care for newborns through young adults. Our child-friendly clinic and hospital environments create a welcoming place for children and their families to receive wellness care, regular check-ups, education and parenting support for a variety of child-related issues, illnesses and concerns. Children are the center of our world at Goroshi paediatrics and we welcome the opportunity to get to know you and your child.
The General Paediatrics department at Goroshi Clinic has a team of various Paediatric specialists available under one roof making it a comprehensive child care centre. It is designed to cure a wide range of diseases and conditions in paediatric patients. The availability of the latest technology and best medical treatments, in a caring child-centered environment, helps in bringing out the best outcomes and smiles on the faces of our little patients.


The endocrine system is a network of glands that secrete chemicals called hormones to help your body function properly.
Hormones are chemical signals that coordinate a range of bodily functions.
The endocrine system helps control the following processes and systems:
• Growth and development
• Homeostasis (the internal balance of body systems)
• Metabolism (body energy levels)
• Reproduction
• Response to stimuli (stress and/or injury)
• Diabetes—juvenile diabetes, diabetes in pregnancy, gestational diabetes
• Thyroid – thyroid in pregnancy
• Obesity
• Osteoporosis
• Metabolic Disorders
• PCOD, Menstrual complications
• Adrenal Disorders
• Childhood Growth Disorders
• Hirsuitism
• Parathyroid Disorders
The department has a team of highly trained and skilled consultants and medical staff that offer a thorough and comprehensive service to patients .In addition to a large outpatient service ,the department also provides a daily consultation service for inpatients.